Solar Power Laptops

Solar Power Laptops
Need of alternative energies is seriously realized in this decay. Developed countries have done major work as far as adopting alternative energy is concern. Rising fuel pricing, carbon emissions, greenhouse gasses etc are making life on earth little too difficult for all of us. Lots of solar power generation plants are on scene to some how cope with fossil fuel produced energy, instead houses are powered up on solar panels, office buildings, public parks are solar powered, just to encourage others for considering solar energy for their energy requirements.

We all use laptops for our office work, academic projects etc. What if these laptops are capable of being charge with solar power? Let us assume that our laptop battery is almost over and electricity for charging it is not available around. It has solar power charging capabilities which keep the charging and laptop going on. This will encourage many of us to use laptops out door in public places, working and chit chatting with each other at same time and form communities.

That will be funny to see lots of people on beaches taking sun bath as well as using their laptops at the same time. Working and laying on warm sand relaxing. One hotspot providing free Wireless internet connection will do the job. Seriously if that starts to happen in up coming future, What change this will bring to our lives? Will this change will be positive or will it bring some kind of negativity to our society.

It is just a small solar photovoltaic cell which is required to be installed in laptop for receiving sun light and turn this light into electricity to keep the laptop charged for all day long. In night time, conventional electricity can be used for the purpose. You tell us and share your thoughts by leaving comments to this post. Tell us if you think it’s a good idea, or it won’t help me much. What I think however is up coming time is renewable energy time. We need to shift our selves to solar and other alternative energies. Weather it makes small different or larger. Difference is however a difference.

Note: World is under energy crises. Every nation is struggling to meat up their energy needs. Everyone is shifting to alternative sources of energy just to rely less on non renewable energy sources. Non renewable energy sources includes hydro power planets, energy from coal , nuclear energy etc. These sources are good to produce energy but on the other hand, they are dangerous for environment.  They release green house gasses which destroy purity of earth atmosphere.

To avoid such issues world's main focus is to shift to renewable energy sources. We will explain renewable energy sources in other article. Now main concern is to choose which is the most cheapest energy source from renewable energy. Examples of renewable energies are solar energy, wind energy, biomass, tidal etc.


LED Technology

LED technology is the most recent technology in TV industry. LED stands for light emitting diode and it emits electronic light which in result amazing display quality.
LED technology was first invented in 1920 by Russia, but it took quite long when Americans first launched practical electric device using LED technology and in 1962.

Note: This article was published back in 2009 and now I am updating it in Year 2017. LCD's are gone for good. Now is the time for 4K ultra HD TV. Click for LG 4k TV for more information.

Devices invented before produced low intensity red light, but latest and sophisticated LED technology manages to emit visible ultraviolet light, infrared wavelength with very high picture quality and brightness. LED technology is based on semi-conductor diode, when this diode gets active or switched on; energy is released in form of light when electrons are combined with holes. This effect of emitting light is called electroluminescence. LED’s normally are small in areas; optical components are shaped and integrated in such a way that its radiation patterns and reflections remain consistent.

LED offers many advantages over previous display quality devices technologies. Benefits like lower power consumption, smaller size, improve lifetime performance, fast switching etc. On the other hand LED comes with some negative points, LED technology is a bit expensive comparing with other light source technologies, and they also require exact electric power and heat management system.

There are many LED applications available today, as mentioned before LED technology based devices consume very low energy, that’s why it is a good replacement for traditional light sources which are used for general lighting. Small size of LED also enables new text and video displays devices.


Windows worm numbers reaches millions

Worm infections spreading through computers, networks, pin drives are reaching in millions due to low profile security measures. In October 2008, different malicious computer programs like conficker, downadup and kido were discovered; these are the most common known malicious software attacking our computers. Antivirus firm F-secure estimated the amount of infected machines have reached the figure of 8-9 million. There has been several warning by experts about this figure that it can go far higher and they should install Microsoft MS08-067 patch and keep anti-virus software updated.

While in Interview with BBC, Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant told that the situation has never been this bad and outbreak on this scale had not been seen for quite some time. He also told that :

"Microsoft did a good job of updating people's home computers, but the virus continues to infect business who have ignored the patch update.
"A shortage of IT staff during the holiday break didn't help and rolling out a patch over a large number of computers isn't easy.
"What's more, if your users are using weak passwords - 12345, QWERTY, etc - then the virus can crack them in short order," he added.
"But as the virus can be spread with USB memory sticks, even having the Windows patch won't keep you safe. You need anti-virus software for that."

How worm spread in windows?

Microsoft has release the information about the working of worm spreading in the windows platform. First of all it searched for executable file called “services.exe” and gets embedded into it. “Services.exe” is windows file which performs important functions in windows. It then copy itself into window system folder “system32” with random file name but in extension of DLL file, it can be something like piftoc.dll etc, it normally named itself from 5 to 8 character, after naming it modifies the registry entries, listing important windows settings so that it could run infected ..DLL file as window default system file. When worm is up and running it creates HTTP server, it resets machine system restore point and starts to download files from different hacking sites and or start uploading crucial and personal information like name, password etc. Most malware uses predictable ways to download and upload files which are easy to locate and shut down. Whereas Conficker makes things way more complicated for finding and terminating its actions. According to antivirus firm F-secure this worn is programmed very complicated algorithm which in result generate hundreds of fake domain names such as, etc. Out of which only one domain is used to download or upload data. Finding the site out of so many sites makes detection almost impossible procedure.


Interviewed by BBC, Kaspersky Lab's security analyst, Eddy Willems, said that a new strain of the worm was complicating matters.
"There was a new variant released less than two weeks ago and that's the one causing most of the problems," said Mr Willems
"The replication methods are quite good. It's using multiple mechanisms, including USB sticks, so if someone got an infection from one company and then takes his USB stick to another firm, it could infect that network too. It also downloads lots of content and creating new variants though this mechanism."
"Of course, the real problem is that people haven't patched their software," he mentioned.

According to Microsoft malware has infected millions of computers in almost of every parts of the world including in China, Brazil, Russia, and India having the highest number of victims.
Microsoft also says, they have detected millions of unique IP infected, they can be deinfected but it will bring issue of unauthrized access issue.
Recommendations: We have good chances for protecting our computers by making sure that we update crucial security updates at any cost, and we use antivirus programs and keep its signature file updated for maximum protection.


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